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Bone Consciousness

I offer you four interpretations of the term, bone consciousness:

1. An awareness that lives in your bones. It is ancient, deep, wise, a gift from your ancestors.

2. An awareness of the underlying structure of things, and of how this underlying structure defines all outer appearance and experience.

3. A stripping back to the essence and truth of anything (or anyone).

4. A way of building a strong, stable, and lasting structure.

Sun in Capricorn: 12/21/16 - 1/19/17

It's no wonder that people make new year resolutions during this long-range-planning, astringing and effort-ful Capricorn time of year. This is the time of year to take note of, attend to, and perhaps plan to reconfigure the structures of your life.

Illustrate your life structure as a bare deciduous tree:

1. What are the main structures of your life? (health, family, community, occupation, art, activism, spirituality, etc)

2. Consider which of these structures - for you - are roots (personal, grounding influences), and which are branches (outer world experiences, things you share with others).

3. Consider which limbs and roots draw in the most nourishment for you, and which ones require more nourishment from you.

4. Is your tree both stable and beautiful to you, or is there some pruning or new growth that's needed?


Horsetail is a magnificently ancient plant, and one of my favorite Capricorn herbs - nourishing to the bones, joints, and connective tissues, and energetically good for helping you find your inner mettle, your grit. See the T-square below for why grit's a good thing to have right now. Adaptogens continue to be crucial to handle the stress of these times. I recommend the grounding rootier varieties for now - Ashwaghanda for strength, Eleuthro for encouragement, Rhodiola for stamina and focus.

Winter Solstice: 12/21/16 at 2:44 AM PST

Winter solstice is the annual moment of the rebirth of light, the sun's equivalent to the new moon. Darkness has reached its full strength, and is now on the wane. Light is now growing, and with it, all the things that light brings - warmth, awareness, illumination, inspiration, and hope.

What seeds will you plant on this day?


A Neptunian current colors all the planetary energies of the winter solstice chart, indicating the importance of consciousness and compassion at this time. Create manageable goals in developing these traits:

Cut out one small way you "check out," and add in one small awareness practice, like taking 10 deep, mindful breaths once a day.

Forgiveness is a gateway to compassion. Forgive yourself and others for small mistakes. Commit to letting the little stuff go.

Mercury retrograde: 12/19/16 - 1/8/17

Mercury begins this retrograde in Capricorn, conjoined with Pluto, at the apex of a tense long-term configuration (see below), and dips back into the last few degrees of Sagittarius. Put it all together and what do you get? Bone consciousness. Now, contemplate the purpose of bones. They define a structure that is built for movement. So in addition to thinking about what's beneath all the trappings, consider...

WHERE are you going from here?

And WHY?

Are there any ways you need to support or alter your current structure so you can get where you want to go?

Now, about the influence of Pluto and the rest of the cardinal T-square gang...

Cardinal T-square: November 2016 - April 2017

This long-term tense influence is the final whopping throes of an even longer influence (scroll down in that link to the Pluto takes a stand section) we've grappled with since 2012, and that influence is a turning point in an even bigger cycle that began in the 1960's and spans until the early 2100's. This is something we are feeling on personal, collective, and global levels. The greatest damage from this configuration on the collective level is its capacity for polarizing groups through instilling a strong sense of right and wrong. Healing - the process of becoming whole - whether on the collective or personal level comes from coming together.

We have three planets at odds -

Pluto in Capricorn is at the point of greatest tension in this configuration, and therefore we need to give it the most attention. Pluto's message is further highlighted by Mercury (think!) stationing retrograde (re-think!) in tight alignment with Pluto. This point in the configuration manifests as a call to transform structures for the sake of empowerment. That means destroy and dismantle. Then reconfigure and build anew. The tricky part on the collective level is who is getting empowered - the many or the few? Pluto also likes to expose what's been in the dark. On the personal level, that means integrating shadow aspects of our personality, which can include both less savory aspects of ourselves (no one's perfect, and we are all hungry little animals after all) AND hidden strengths. On the collective level, it means exposing of corruption, especially in governments (Capricorn territory).

Uranus in Aries is that impatient, sometimes angry, voice in our heads telling us things are not right, and they need to change NOW. Revolution. Liberation. It is a voice that is certain of its own correctness, but I encourage you to think beyond the polarizing perspectives of right and wrong, and instead choose such spectra as levels of wisdom, compassion, etc.

Jupiter in Libra is giving some perspective to Uranus from the opposite side of the zodiac. Depending on your mood, it may be a harmonizing influence - figuring out how to collaborate, cooperate, and strengthen your effect through community and relationships. Or it could inflate your sense of injustice, your impatience with others, and your sense of right and wrong.

New Moon in Capricorn: 12/28/16 at 10:53 PM PST

The sun and moon are aligned with retrograding Mercury at this new moon, and just a few hours later, Uranus stations direct. This indicates a very mulling-over sort of lunation. Don't believe what you think, especially if you're thinking quickly. Slow down. Pause. Ask your bones what's true. Ask your skin. Ask the earth beneath your feet. Ask the sky.

What's true?

What do your bones wish for?

The sky, by the way, begins at your feet.

New Moon Herbs:

For structural insight, for bone consciousness: Simmer 1 Tablespoon fennel seeds in 2 cups water a few minutes. Turn off the flame, and add 1 Tablespoon horsetail. Let sit, covered 10 minutes. Add 1 Tablespoon marshmallow root, and let sit 10 minutes. Top with fresh grated ginger.

Full Moon in Cancer: 1/12/17 at 3:34 AM

The sun, aligned with Pluto, and the moon form a grand cross with Jupiter and Uranus at this full moon. In some ways, a grand cross is a bit easier to manage than a T-square because it's more balanced. But when any configuration involves a full moon - NOT a super full moon, but still closer than average to the earth, and therefore stirring - you feel it on a very personal level.

Which structures of your life nourish you?

How can you feel more supported by the structures of your life?

Is there anything you need to ask for - from yourself, from anyone?

Next month...

We enter eclipse season with our first eclipse in the Leo/Aquarius axis since 2010, and Jupiter stations retrograde. Thanks for reading, and here's wishing you a potent and healing renewal this month. In the meantime, you may contact me or schedule an astrological consultation, or a healing session. I also offer gift certificates. Peace, Rae

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