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"There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time." - John Cage

Friday, June 21st, 5 - 9p - with Edward Schocker & Suki O'Kane at Garden of Memory in Oakland

Edward Schocker (glass and winds), Suki O'Kane (percussion) and me (voice, found objects, other surprises) 

 Saturday, June 22nd at 6:45p - poetry reading - Lone Glen reading series, Berkeley

I'll be one of three featured readers (TBA) this evening. This event is free, but authors will have books for sale.

Mondays at 4p Pacific Time - online Qigong classes

Informally join me in the following practices in collaboration with other artists:

  • Silence on the Sevensdesigned by Suki O'Kane - observe seven minutes of silence on the seventh of every month - this is not intended as a listening practice, although the mind tends to go there. See if you can just BE in the silence. 

  • Void on The Zeros - linger at the end of your exhale for a brief moment for 10 breaths on the 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month, and then observe the effects before resuming life/breath-as-usual.

  • The Daily Bell - designed by Brenda Hutchinson - ring a bell at sunrise and/or sunset, acknowledging that these are experiences we all share throughout the world, despite our many differences of belief, priority, privelege, and perspective

"Everything used to measure time really measures space." - Jerome Deshusses"

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