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Luminous Artists & ideas:


"Give me the ninety-two elements and I'll give you a universe... Imagine, if you will, a chemical storeroom stocked with the ninety-two elements. Pop the corks, open the valves, tip over the boxes and canisters. Watch what happens." - Chet Raymo



Jessika Kenney, singer & composer

Suki O'Kane, percussionist, durational performer Edward Schocker, composer & musician

Rachael Cleveland, choreographer

Keith Evans, projection and video artist

Julia Ogrydziak, violinist & arts organizer

Maw Shein Win, poet

Artists who inspire:

Stephanie Pierce, oil paintings

Zoe Poster, graphite on paper

Molly Magai, oil paintings

Lori Goldston, cellist & composer

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