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Cantigee Oracle Deck & Book

An Ecological Spiritual Guide - by & for Artists & other Creatives


Cantigee is a fantastical and environmental oracle deck and full length guidebook, inspired by Buddhist psychology that connects -

☞ spiritual wisdom with practical actions;

☞ mystical experience with awareness and care for nature;

☞ intuition with creativity.

Writing & deck structure by Rae Diamond

Art by Laura Zuspan

Published by North Atlantic Books

Each image is integrated with a fairy tale fragment, an explanation, specific guidance, ways to use the image as an icon, practical actions to take, an ecological connection, and creative prompts for art-making.

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What is Cantigee?

Cantigee {kæn-tə-dʒi} is a word created from two root words - cantus, which could be translated as song, spell, or enchantment, and gee, which is a suffix that translates as Earth. Thus Cantigee is a song the Earth sings, a spell it weaves, an enchantment it emanates. This deck, this book, and each of the archetypes within them are prayers of gratitude, healing, and awakening. 


Cantigee as a concept, however, spans far beyond the fifty-two archetypes of this deck and book. If the Earth is singing a song, then every pebble, every leaf, every whisker, every fang, every storm, every crash of wave, every microbe, every wingbeat, every shimmer of light on ice, and each and every one of us is a melody within that immense chorus. The best we can possibly offer the Earth is to listen to its song; and in listening to its song, let it enchant and inspire us; and in letting it enchant and inspire us, to let a melody come through us that is at once both entirely of us and yet somehow beyond what we could have ever imagined on our own.

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