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"To my mind, the laws which nature obeys are less suggestive of those which a machine obeys in its motion than those which a musician obeys in writing a fugue." - Sir James Jeans

Links in bold will take you to sound samples.

Current Projects:

>founder & director of and composer for the Long Tone Choir

>other original vocal compositions

>performance collaborations with Thingamajigs Performance Group

>music collaborations with ReadyMaids Dance Group

Past Projects, 2010-2013:

>composed and performed for hammered dulcimer

>composed three songs, performed with Jessika Kenney at the Furnace reading series on Hollow Earth Radio

>composed and performed new arrangements of early music for accordion and voice


Past Projects, 2006-2010:

> experimental voice performances

>composed for and performed in the accordion duo, 1-2, 1-2-3-4

>wrote a series of piano compositions that continue to long for proper recording and performing


Past Projects, 2004-2008:

>punk acoustic "one lady band"

>accordion music

>accordion and voice


Past Projects, 2002-2004:

lutin, lutine, an improvised acoustic noise duo with Michael Griffen. This recording also features Eric Ostrowski on violin.


"If you want the truth, I'll tell you the truth: listen to the secret sound, the real sound which is inside you." - Kabir

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