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Long Tone Singing Workshops...

...teach listening, breathing, body awareness, and basic and extended vocal techniques in a context that can be adapted to both seasoned musicians and non-musicians alike. Workshops may vary in length from a few hours to a few days, and may culminate in a performance if desired. Visit the calendar for upcoming workshops, or contact Rae if you'd like to host a workshop.

Introductory Level Workshop:

This workshop is suitable for musicians and non-musicians alike. It covers basic breath, posture, awareness, and listening techniques, simple extended and basic vocal techniques. Experiments bring students into focused awareness of their bodies, their intonation, and the overall sound of the group and the space. Depending on the length of the workshop, students perform one or more compositions from easily accessible text scores.
Workshop length: 90 minutes minimum, 3 days maximum


Long Tones & Movement Workshops:

The Stretching Time & Moving Sound workshop series focuses on the relationship between the body, the breath, and the voice. We explore ways we can alter vocal sounds with movement, the way sound feels as it travels through our bodies, and ways we can move sound through the space around us. Our breath-tempo'd movements and inquiries take us into a deeply relaxed, mindful and embodied state. Students learn and perform warm-ups and compositions taught through verbal instruction and easily accessible text scores. This workshop can be done on its own, or can build on prior experience in the introductory workshop.

Workshop length: 2 hours minimum, 2 days maximum


intermediate level workshop:

This workshop builds on the experience of the introductory workshop, and can also build on the experience of the movement workshop. Intonation is developed further through more challenging experiments. Compositions introduced are more complex, and require more advanced intonation. This workshop can be done with students of almost any level of musical experience and ability due to the gentle and focused introduction of the methods and experiments. This is a good adjunct to just intonation studies.

Workshop length: 1 day minimum, 5 days maximum


"As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more mysterious." - Will Durant

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