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"Desire is an anchor - I lift it and words come up.- Victoria Chang

writing that sings as clear as the birds of dawn:


You write because you have something important to say. You've poured decades into your craft, years into your project—and every ounce of your heart, mind, and body into your words. But just as a violinist tightens and loosens the strings of their instrument to help its notes sing more clearly and truly, your words need a little adjusting so that the song within your work resonates more fully in the hearts and minds of your readers. 


My specialties:

  • experimental poetry

  • poetry

  • memoir

  • CNF

  • writings about Chinese medicine, Qigong, Yin-Yang, Wu Xing, etc.

  • fairy tales and magical realism

  • hybrid forms

  • writing that benefits from an artist's eye

  • writing that benefits from a musician's ear

  • Feel like we're a match? Do reach out.

Uplifting under-represented voices:

Sliding scale rates available for low income BIPOC and/or trans writers. Let's get you heard, friend.

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"This rebus... when will I learn to read it plainly, slowly, uncolored by hope or desire? Not to understand it, only to see." 

- Jane Hirschfield

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