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Long Tone Choir: Music as Meditation


"Time is a means of making actual what is potential." - the I Ching

performances & Installations

The Long Tone Choir facilitates communal explorations of how sound moves through a space by inviting specific audience participation, and through the use of nontraditional audience and singer placements. The durational aspect of our work transforms the experience of time, and inspires a state of peace and reverence in both singers and audience. A sense of play emerges as the audience is drawn into singing with us and with each other.


Visit the calendar for upcoming performances and installations, and for other non-LTC durational projects.



Interested in Joining us?

Please email Rae to find out how to get involved in our long-distance recording projects during the sheltering in place era.


is part of what we seek

in art, and in art's

mind of concentration

that is both

capacious and focused."

- Jane Hirshfield

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