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Music of the Spheres: Summer Solstice 2015

My favorite urban hiking trails wind around the tops of some hills in Point Richmond. Nearly every time I visit there, I see at least one black vulture hovering in one spot in the sky for an interminably long time, constantly adjusting their angle so the wind currents hold their position. If I wait long enough, I get to see them catch a swift wind current, and suddenly swoop out of sight in the blink of an eye.

The energy of Summer 2015:

A chart cast for the summer solstice shows Mars (desire that acts) in Gemini conjoined with the Sun (energy center), and Venus (desire that attracts) conjoined with Jupiter (expansion & faith) in Leo, and quincunx Pluto (desire that transforms). Clearly, we will be learning about desire this summer:

What have you settled for in life?

What do you actually desire?

Can you wait for your true desire to make itself known?

Do you trust you'll find the current that will take you straight to the object of your longing?

What if your true desire, like the vulture's prey, is the very thing that will sustain you?

The Benefics Speak:

Venus makes the first of three exact conjunctions with Jupiter this summer on July 1st, the day of the full Capricorn moon. These two planets are known as the benefics, meaning they tend to bring benefit, abundance, opportunity and joy. This first conjunction occurs in the sign of Leo, the sign most associated with the heart, and with joy, playfulness and creative self-expression.

Do you value your own joy, and the activities, people, objects and places that bring you joy?

How can you take a leap of faith into a more joyful life?

How can you attract more of what brings you joy?

Is what you're creating bringing you joy?

Is what you're creating in alignment with your values?

T Time:

Expect tension in mid to late July, when impatient Mars activates a growth-inducing T-square with Uranus and Pluto. We've been through this song and dance before, so we've all developed a bit more facility with this energy:

Are the structures of your life empowering you or destroying you?

Are you advocating for your own needs and nourishment?

What freedoms do you need to claim for yourself?

What liberation and insight do you feel called to work towards in the community?

Is there anything you need to destroy in order to create something truer?

Coming soon:

Next month's Music of the Spheres will cover Venus' retrograde in Virgo and Leo. Venus retrogrades are one of the most disruptive heavenly influences, so really work with the meditations in the first two sections above to help you prepare for a smoother experience of that transit. And take note of any blips and bumps in your finances and relationships.

Wishing you a nourishing and heartful solar month of Cancer,



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