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Music of the Spheres: Manifestation

I love hiking. I'll clamber up mountains, scramble to the edges of cliffs, work my way over boulders, trudge through swamps, and amble through fields, but what I love best is walking through a forest. This has been a lifelong passion of mine, but there was a single moment when I fell forever in love with the woods.

I was a caught in a chronic cycle of dreaming and doing. I chased one wild idea after another until one day, while hiking through a young paper birch grove, I did something very unusual: I stopped moving.

The moment my own motion ceased, I became aware of the motion all around me. The birch trees were twenty to thirty feet tall, and only about six inches in diameter. A slight breeze moving through their upper branches caused these living spindles to sway wildly. I was filled with an overwhelming awareness that not just the trees, but the forest itself was alive, and that many layers of life I had never noticed before were going on all around me.

I was deeply humbled. My disparate movements seemed clunky in the midst of the unified flow of those trees. In looking at those birches, I saw an intermingling of their individual upwards striving with a tender, shared sway and growth that introduced something beyond my dreams and my means of attaining them. I saw that we not only animate ourselves, but also are animated if we so allow it.

Solar month of Virgo: 8/23/15 - 9/23/15

This is going to be a bumpy month, but you can help yourself through the heaves of the coming weeks by surrendering to the Virgo way: Simplify your life in whatever ways you can, and return your attention to the task at hand, and to what is simple and clear and true. Also, the Virgo solar month indicates the beginning of the harvest season, and since Jupiter recently entered Virgo for the next year (8/11/15 - 9/9/16), we may be in for a whopping crop.

What is coming to fruition in your life, relationships, work and art?

What can you cut out that is merely cluttering your time and space?

What simple and grounding pleasures can you give yourself?

Venus stations direct in mid Leo: 9/6/15

We are approaching the end of Venus' retrograde cycle. Hopefully, you've made the necessary behind-the-scenes re-evaluations so you can move forward with more flair and joy in your relationships, your finances, and your art if you're an artist. It's not too late to ask yourself:

What really matters to you? (Hint: limit your list to six things or less for greater clarity)

What brings you joy?

Solar Eclipse in Virgo: 9/13/15

Feeling a little tender lately? Here's why: We're coming up on eclipse season again. Even though we can comfort ourselves with the scientific knowing of what is physically happening during eclipses, these bodies that control the tides of the ocean also affect the tides of our bodies. When they do something unusual, like cast shadows on each other, we feel it.

Solar eclipses are uber-new moons. That means you'll do yourself a favor to stop walking through the woods, and let the woods walk through you for a moment. Hear what the trees have to say. Let them act upon you. Try moving with them, and see if you might then emerge from the woods, aligned with and carried by the flow of the wind instead of doggedly walking into a raging gale.

Mercury Retrograde in mid to early Libra: 9/17/15 - 10/9/15

Just to keep you on your toes, we have another Mercury retrograde around the corner. The standard precautions are to back up your computers and communications devices, and service any potential issues in your transportation devices before the retrograde starts. Also, take note of any feelings of imbalance in your life and your relationships, as those will be up for review during this next retrograde.

Aligning Heaven & Earth: 9/17/15

There are only a couple of spots left in my quarterly workshop on the astrological bumps and flows of the season and the herbs and practices that will help you stay balanced throughout Autumn. Come join me at Homestead Apothecary in Oakland for this lively, informative and grounding experience.

Saturn re-enters Sagittarius: 9/17/15

After a little dip back into Scorpio (6/14/15 - 9/17/15) to clean a few remaining dust bunnies and cobwebs out of the deep, dark shadows of your psyche, Saturn re-enters lively and inspired Sagittarius. Here are some guiding questions to align you with this shift:

What do you believe?

Are your actions and goals in alignment with your beliefs?

Do your beliefs limit or support your ability to achieve your desires?

Do you believe in yourself, your relationships, your work, and your skills?

Both Virgo and Sagittarius love nature, but Virgo cultivates while Sagittarius wildcrafts. Do your planting and pruning and weeding, but pause now and again to see and hear what else is there, right in your midst. Perhaps there's a treasure that's not even hidden, that has been patiently waiting for you to notice it, and let it into your life.

Wishing you an abundant harvest,



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