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Music of the Spheres: Interrelation

The lead character in the film, Mr. Nobody, spends his entire life strategizing the major decisions of his life. His goal is to be with the person he loves, but each decision is made painstakingly difficult because he possesses a godlike omniscience that enables him to see the complexly interrelated cause and effect of each scenario.

In one fated instant, he loses his tenuous thread of connexion to his beloved when a drop of rain falls on the piece of paper she wrote her phone number on, blurring the numbers into oblivion. He traces this raindrop back to an earlier decision he made to purchase a less expensive pair of jeans. This choice led the clothing manufacturer in Mexico with the more expsenive jeans to lay off one of its workers, who then had enough extra time to poach rather than fry an egg, since he wasn't in a rush to get to work. The steam from this longer cooking process went up into the air, shifted the direction of the wind currents and the moisture temperature in the upper stata, sent a storm cloud north to New York City, and eventually brought the obliterating rain to our hapless hero.

In this solar month of Libra (9/23/15 - 10/23/15), you will face significant decisions. You cannot know the infinity of outcomes that ripple forth in time and space from those intersections of possibility and actuality, but if you maintain an awareness of the vast span and reach of each decision you make, your choices will be truer to your heart.

Autumn Equinox: 9/23/15, 1:21a PDT

This autumn's chart indicates the importance of co-creating within like-minded communities throughout the season. Here's why: The vitalizing Sun is in the social and relational sign of Libra, and in a mutually energizing relationship with Saturn, the manifestor, in philosophical Sagittarius. Beautifying Venus, the natural ruler of Libra, is in self-expressive Leo, and in a harmonious relationship with revolutionary Uranus in pioneering and feisty Aries.

Meanwhile, Jupiter and Neptune play tug of war between Virgo and Pisces, stimulating us to release escapist tendencies and exercise good boundaries so our energy can go clearly and cleanly into what is most important to us. Create sacred time and space for the activities, projects, studies, and relationships that matter the most to you this season.

What is sacred to you?

How can you create boundaries in time and space that protect, honor and feed that which is most important to you? (Hint - Commit to a daily practice)

What might you need to sacrifice - let go of in a sacred way - in order to devote yourself more fully to what truly matters to you?

Full super blood red Lunar Eclipse in Aries: 9/27/15, 7:47p PDT

This eclipse has a lot of bells and whistles, so hang onto your hat... I mean... HEART. This is a full eclipse, which means the alignment in three-dimensional space between the sun, moon and Earth is extremely precise. This causes the Earth's shadow to cover the moon, interrupting the normal flow of light, which is both matter and energy, between these bodies. This is the second and closest of three super moons in a row. This is because the moon, which travels along an eliptical path, is also at its closest point (i.e. perigee) to the Earth while this exact alignment is occurring. When the moon is at perigee, we feel its effects more strongly becuase of its close proximity to us. This is the last of four full lunar eclipses in a row, and the second to last eclipse in the Aries/Libra axis (there's one more in March 2016) for about eight years. To top it all off, it will appear to be red.

What this all means is...

It's clean-up time in the realms of relationship and individuation, and in realigning ourselves properly on the spectrum of compromise versus assertion. There's also a big push to bring our lives into a more joyful balance.

What do you need to subtract from your time and space to bring your life more into balance?

What do you need to add to your time and space to bring your life more into balance?

Are you speaking up for your needs in effective and respectful ways?

Are you aware and respectful of the needs of others?

Are you communicating fairly - truly listening as well as speaking honestly and respectfully?

You can see this eclipse on the west coast between 5:11 and 10:22p. It peaks at 7:47p.

Mercury Stations Direct: 10/9/15, 7:57a PDT

Mercury stations direct in early Libra on 10/9, but give the god of the crossroads a few days to get back up to speed before you heave your post-retrograde sigh of relief. Honor the current crucial choices - the crossroads - of your life, and pay particular attention to any significant events on 9/9, 9/24 and 10/22, when Mercury, the psychopomp (one who guides spirits to the land of the dead), is in a tense relationship with Pluto, the god of the dead. This influence, combined with the impending completion of the moon's nodes' transit through the Aries/Libra axis, indicates it's time to lay some things to rest, once and for all - some specific relationships, as well as some aspects of ourselves that get in the way of our ability to be in right relationship with ourselves and with others. This influence may also bring power dynamics that have been swept under the rug out into the light for review.

Are there any relationships you need to let go of in order to free more energy and time in your life for the people and activities that nourish and are in alignment with your ideals?

Are there any aspects of yourself that compromise your ability to be in right relationship with others?

What is one small way you could improve your support and care for yourself? Hint: our relationship with ourselves is the seed from which all other relationships in our lives sprout - nourish the one, and the whole garden is fed.

Thank you for reading. Next month's post will cover the lunar nodes' entry into the Virgo/Pisces axis. Wishing you an excellent autumn, a bountiful harvest, and the comfort of the infinite interconnectedness of the cosmos,



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