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Heart in Suspension

It's time to put the question, "what do you love?" under a microscope. Make no assumptions about what you'll find on the glass slide. There may be some new creatures undulating there. There may be a resurgence of creatures you thought were long gone. Or the same old beloveds may be there, only they've all changed - sprouted new limbs, shifted color, shrank in places and grown in others.

In fact, the microscope itself has changed. And so have the eyes that now peer through it.

Everything has changed. It's time to notice that.

And adjust yourself accordingly.

Sun in Aquarius: 1/19/17 - 2/18/17

It's time to take a fresh look at things. Put everything you can under the microscope. Then put each item back in its context, turn it all upside down, and zoom way out. Then shake everything up, and see how the pieces might fit together differently. Innovate. Invent. Notice where the box ends. That's where your imagination begins.


Now more than ever, we need clear thinking. For that, I recommend a tea blend of equal parts Peppermint, Thyme, Sage and Ginkgo. Some flower essence suggestions include White Chestnut for quieting an overactive mind; Rabbitbrush for making sense of how all the pieces fit together, and Scotch Broom for a positive attitude in the face of difficult outer world situations.

Bare in mind we are still under the influence of a tense configuration (scroll down in that link to the Cardinal T-square section) through April 2017. This configuration forms an energetic back-drop to everything in our lives - personally and collectively.

New Aquarius Moon: 1/27/17 at 4:07 PM PST

New moon, new beginnings, same old world. So where's the new beginning? In your mind and in your heart. In your imagination. Look around you. Everything that now exists was once a dream.

There are also new beginnings to be found and created in your community - notice the stirrings in the people you feel drawn to. Surround yourself with those who share your dreams, and see what you can build together.

What and who frees your imagination?

What and who inspires you to think differently?

What inspires your sense of humor?

Venus retrograde prelude: 1/30/17 - 3/4/17

Venus makes a preliminary journey through the shadow of her retrograde 1/30 - 3/4. During this time, get your taxes done early, get the rest of your finances in order as best you can, and take note of any sticky issues in your relationships. These areas of life tend to get troublesome during Venus' retrograde periods.

Venus will retrograde 3/4/17 - 4/15/17, and that's when the fun begins. We'll get into that further next month, but for now consider the following questions:

What dreams matter most to you?

What is worth fighting for, and what can be let go of?

What's your capacity for self advocacy?

What and who needs forgiving? Hint: YOU might be on that list.

What and whom do you love?

Jupiter Retrograde: 2/5/17 (PST) - 6/9/17

This influence has a subtler effect than Venus' retrograde. There is, however, great power in the subtle, so let's put Jupiter's slide under the microscope. Take note of anything significant that occurs on the days around Jupiter's station (2/4 - 2/6). This is a moment of suspended animation, when we can put time under the microscope of our awareness. In particular -

How is your experience of balance - work/life, personal/relational time, income/outgo, etc?

What is your experience of grace - in the arts, in your mind, in your spirit, in your relationships, etc?

What risks and leaps of faith have you taken since November? What has unfolded in the wake of that?

How are your loves and belief systems intertwined?

Lunar Eclipse in Leo: 2/10/17 at 4:33 PM PST

This partial eclipse is like a full moon with one single exclamation point. It's a little more potent than the average full moon, stimulating a greater need to release energy outwards. This can mean letting go of something in a b'bye kind of way, but with Leo's influence, there's an even stronger imperative for releasing something out into the community in a hey-look-at-me kind of way. This full moon chart is extremely expressive, but also calls for the tempering influences of of grace, finesse, skill. Be both artful and kind in your self-assertion.


Both Leo and Mars, who is strong in this chart, rule the heart, so here's a heart-nourishing full moon brew: Simmer 1/4 cup hawthorn berries, covered, in 2 cups water for 20 minutes. Turn off heat, add a tiny pinch of motherwort and 2 Tbsp. rose petals. Cover, and let steep 10 minutes. Strain, top with grated nutmeg. Add honey if you wish. For greatest effect, share with friends and loved ones.

This is the first eclipse in the Leo/Aquarius axis since 2010, which indicates the start of a fundamental shift in the thrust of our growth over the next couple of years. Watch as the following questions grow bigger for you over the next few months:

What lifts your heart? What makes it heavy?

What stimulates your joy and enthusiasm in ways that inspire your community?

What happens in your life and relationships when you let your heart lead you?

Next month...

Eclipse season continues with a partial solar eclipse in Pisces - the last eclipse in the Pisces/Virgo axis until 2025, and Venus stations retrograde. Until then, here's wishing you a lift in your heart and a spark in your imagination. Feel free to contact me or schedule a private consultation or healing session. Thanks for reading, Rae

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