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Layers of winter time

A quality of time - winter time, quiet time, dark time, still time, water time - is placed under the microscope of durational exploration with sound as the lens.

We have two hours to exemplify the timespace of a season: ninety days compressed into two hours. Two hours is one hundred twenty minutes. One hundred twenty minutes is not even a sigh in the vastness of infinity.

We may also deconstruct this time into the seven sections of this particular score, each performed in ten repetitions. Each singer's repetitions are based on their organic breath pulse. Each individual singer breathes at different rates. Each individual breath is an unpredictable and unknowable stretch of time.

Closing time into a capsule of experience is an illusion we have agreed upon. We have agreed that this performance has a beginning - 3 PM on Sunday, January 8th, 2017, and an ending - 5 PM on Sunday, January 8th, 2017.

But the sound waves stimulated within this two-hour time capsule have stretched beyond what we can consciously hear, feel and know. Perhaps a passerby in the street, leaning their umbrella into the wind a mile away and an hour later felt something of this, though they did not know it. Perhaps we feel it, even now.

About winter:

winter is a durational and interactive performance installation, made up of seven separate scores presented in ephemeral sculptures, that was premiered by the Long Tone Choir on Sunday, January 8th at the Center for New Music. Pictured above: "quiet" score, uncovered; Kalonica McQuesten and Suki O'Kane performing "stillness"; Patti Deuter, Rae Diamond and Joe Kuta performing "softness"; and Rae Diamond covering "rest"; "quiet" score, covered. Photos by Harmony Chapman.

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