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For most of us, that word implies fast motion. It also describes rate of motion. This month, the speed of life will feel like a fight scene from the movie, The Matrix: Life will move at an extremely fast pace interspersed with moments of suspended animation. Keep up as best you can, but especially train your attention on those moments of suspension. That's when the magic happens.

It's a very particular kind of magic that occurs in those moments. It's a magic that you alone sense. To everyone else, there's no suspension, and things are continuing at the same pace and trajectory.

What happens for you in those moments is profound but personal. In those instances of stillness-within-motion, the lens of your perception opens, is illuminated with the full spectrum of light, and you are given the opportunity to forever experience similar moments with that same level of clarity and truth.

Take that opportunity.

Vernal Equinox: 3/20/17 at 3:29 AM PDT

Many people think of spring as a time of new beginnings. It certainly feels that way, but what happens at this point in the year is actually acceleration and a shift from internal growth (begun at winter solstice) to external growth.

The equinox chart shows a tight alignment of the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius, suggesting union of effort, belief and heart, but also changeable plans throughout the season, so stay flexible. This alignment challenges the Aries Sun's start-em-up impulse, so while you may feel ready to realize the exciting dreams you've nurtured all winter you'll need to balance that with attending to withstanding responsibilities. Find time for both.

What seeds did you plant this winter?

What's their status now?

How can you best tend your seedlings as they emerge into the inherent perils of the world?

Sun in Aries: 3/20/17 - 4/19/17

When the sun transits through the sign of the ram, it's time to awake from the dreams, wonderings, meditations - and confusions - of Pisces. Make decisions. Leap through the fiery ring of adventure and challenge. Get moving, but watch for those magic moments of stillness in the midst of motion. Court them. Set a place for them at your table, and see if they'll join you for dinner.


Spring is a good time to clean the blood, and conveniently, Mars - the ruler of Aries - rules the blood. Taking current and coming astrological influences into account, the best herbs to use for this purpose now are Yellow Dock Root and Red Clover.

New Moon in Aries: 3/27/17 at 7:57 PM PDT

Here's that new beginning we're all looking for. Admittedly, this new moon paints a strange picture:

New moon, tender, still, internal moment


Half the planets in Aries, fiery, go-go-go, action now, think later


Careful action from those who proceed with care,

and careless action from those who proceed without care.

What do you care most about? That's where to take action.

How does it feel to act with care, even in the seemingly insignificant maneuvers of your day?


Mars influences the heart, which we need primed for some shifts occurring next month. If you have some old heart wounds that need resolving, consider taking Hawthorn Berry tincture daily throughout this lunation. It's a deep, slow-acting remedy, and will need the full lunar cycle to work its profound emotional healing. For this purpose, a frequent low dose is best, so add one drop to a water bottle that you'll drink from throughout the day. Each time you take a sip, place your hand lovingly on your heart.

Saturn retrograde: 4/5/17 - 8/25/17

This will not make your life go topsy-turvy the way Venus and Mercury retrogrades can, but it's worth noting any significant events that occur on or near the date of Saturn's station (4/5/17). Saturn - our inner architect - spends about one third of every year in retrograde motion. During that time, we make adjustments in our blueprints. For now, we'll be adjusting our belief systems, and the ways in which we are living out our belief systems.

What's the architecture of your life like?

Does that architecture align with your beliefs?

What adjustments in that overall structure would give you more freedom and ebullience?

Mercury Retrograde: 4/9/17 - 5/2/17

As for the specifics of this particular Mercury retrograde cycle, I recommend you take note of any A-ha!'s or unusual occurrences on the three days that Mercury (perception) conjoins with Uranus (insight, innovation). Those days are 3/26, 4/28 and 5/9. This retrograde occurs in early Taurus and late Aries. Taurus is cautious, slow and methodical, but Aries is abrupt and leaps before it looks.

Where do you need to act more quickly?

Where do you need to slow down?

Can you slow your thoughts down, even when you're acting quickly?


To help you see things differently, soak two whole Chrysanthemum Flowers in boiling water for a few minutes. Pull them out and set them on a clean dish to cool to a comfortable handling temperature, and then lay them on your closed eyelids for five to ten minutes.

Full Moon in Libra: 4/10/17 at 11:08 PM PDT

This deluxe full moon comes with built-in lightning bolts, fire crackers, precious jewels, and the grumblings of distant gods. It's aligned with a tense configuration called a cardinal T-square (scroll down in this link to learn more about that). This T-square, which effects us on a species-level, a society-level, and a personal level, has been in effect since November of 2016, and will soon wane in its influence. But first, it's putting on a full moon megaphone to really get its message across.

We'll feel this influence come back in a smaller way August through October, and then we can give it a loving kiss good-bye, as it will never return again in our lifetime. And that's worth noting.

The crux of this full moon is now is the time to make deep changes on a personal level. Notice especially how you relate with yourself and with others, and see if there are any improvements you can make - perhaps a little more self-compassion, or a little more forgiving of the small stuff, and more standing up for the big stuff.

How's your balance of freedom and responsibility?

If you start your day with kind thoughts towards yourself, how does that shift the way you relate with others?

Venus Stations Direct: 4/15/17 at 3:18 AM PDT

We finish up Venus' retrograde towards the end of this action-packed Aries month. Venus' retrograde in Aries (since 3/4) has been inspiring us to relate differently with each other, to evaluate which battles are worth fighting, and which battles are left untouched. Maybe you've managed to remove a couple layers of old armor in the process.

But Venus re-enters Pisces on 4/2, shifting the arena of reevaluation. That's when you can start to imagine your emotional/energetic heart expanding and softening. Forgive even deeper. Let go even more. Find new layers of love you never knew existed. Let your dreams talk to you.

Once Venus stations direct, it'll take her a couple weeks to get back up to speed, but do take note of any significant events that occur on or near 4/15. Once we're on the other side of this date, you'll find resolution to any issues that came up in your finances and relationships. Most importantly, you can move forwards with your values in truer alignment.

Which battles are worth fighting?

How can you gracefully surrender, forgive, and let go of battles that are not worth fighting?

Which relationships are worth extra effort?

Which relationships no longer (or never did) support your truest dreams?

What are you attracting through your community and relationships?

Next Month...

Mercury stations direct, Pluto stations retrograde, and the nodes of the Moon move into the Leo/Aquarius axis. Until then, feel free to contact me or schedule a private consultation or healing session. Wishing you good-speed and heart-ful awakenings, Rae

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